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As an owner of an electric and autonomous vehicle, you understand just how different they are. From advanced alloys to new structural castings to multi-material assembly, they are engineered to minimize weight and wind resistance while maximizing safety. The complexity multiplies with the addition of self driving. Radar, sonar, lidar, GPS and camera systems, all acting together to steer, brake and accelerate creates a condition where everything matters more. Everything from tire pressure to paint thickness and glass contribute to the vehicles ability to function properly. These attributes require unique skills, tooling and knowledge for a vehicle to be returned to its pre-accident condition and also drive the need for a more holistic repair provider, where one vendor can perform all operations.


Evolve exists to fill this gap and provide these new services. Our goal is to simplify ownership while providing the highest level of quality.

Evolve is an electric vehicle-specific service provider that offers all service and maintenance to every make and model of electric vehicles. Established in 2022, Evolve was founded from combined decades of experience in the auto and electric vehicle industry, and plans to fulfill the demand for service in the electric vehicle industry. As electric vehicles become more prevalent on the roads, the auto industry is bound to evolve, as should the service around it.

At Evolve, we take pride in service and expertise - we only deem ourselves successful once the customer is satisfied. There is no project too big or too small that can roll in, and we keep every customer updated every step of the way. 

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