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What problem do we solve?

Electric, autonomous and technologically advanced vehicles are not the same as what has populated our roads for the last 100 years. These new EV-AV vehicles are mobility robots and power distribution modules versus the "horseless carriages" of the past. The existing repair and service networks are not only unprepared to support these vehicles but are becoming as relevant as their blacksmith shop predecessors. EV's do not need 
oil changes - exhaust & muffler repair- fuel system work- brakes (at the same frequency) - tune ups - transmission repairs - coolant system work - engine repair and list goes on. The other missing element in the existing service network is the lack of a holistic repair. With autonomous vehicles, conditions now matter more. Everything from tire pressure to windshield clarity and even vehicle cleanliness are critical factors for self driving. Repairers must now have the capability to correctly service all systems of these vehicles from basic maintenance to collision repair to high voltage and firmware, even battery recycling and disposal. Evolve exists to close these gaps, creating a new industry - Automotive Technology Support. We take this holistic service approach and are here to provide all services the EVAV owner needs for simple, affordable quality support for our customers and their vehicles.

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